What's in it for you?


Be part of the team!

Be part of the brotherhood/sisterhood. Every day includes excitement and adventure. No two shifts are the same.


Make a good living!

Generous starting salary with step increases and opportunity for advancement, health insurance and retirement plan. 24 hour shifts followed by 72 hours off.

Help Others

Be a hero!

Respond to fires, medical emergencies and more. There is no better feeling than saving a life in your community!

Hiring Process

Written Examination

Check our City of Albany Jobs Portal to see if we are currently offering the Fire Exam or other Fire department jobs. Visit: jobs.albanyny.gov

Candidate Viability

Lives may be in your hands. All candidates will be evaluated with a background check and medical exam to ensure they are capable of this responsibility

Candidate Physical Ability Test

Candidates will be required to pass a rigorous physical test simulating fire ground activities. It is never too early to prepare. Visit our Prepare Page for more information.

Albany Fire Department 2nd Alarm

Albany Fire Apparatus

  • Rescue 1

  • Rescue Squad

  • Marine 1

  • Truck 4

  • Engine 4

Albany Fire Mailing List

(518) 447-7879