The City of Albany Fire Department was organized on June 1, 1867 as a Career Fire Department.


The Albany Department of Fire and Emergency Services consists of 260 career Firefighters staffing 8 Engine Companies (including 1 Paramedic Engine Company), 4 Ladder Companies, 3 Paramedic Rescue Companies, 1 Heavy Rescue Company, 2 Battalions and Administrative Staff.


Firefighters assigned to line companies work a 24 hour shift with a 4 platoon system.


In addition to fire suppression, the Albany Fire Department is considered an “All Hazards” Response Department which includes responses to Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue and Maritime Emergencies. They also provide Fire Investigation and Prevention as well as Community Education. The Albany Fire Department is the primary provider for Emergency Medical Services within the City of Albany. It is operated as a two-tier response system with "Basic Life Support" provided by Engine, Ladder, and Heavy Rescue companies, while "Advanced Life Support" is primarily provided by 3 Paramedic Rescue Companies and 1 Paramedic Engine Company. Every line company has the equipment to provide "Advanced Life Support".


Albany Fire Mailing List

(518) 447-7879